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Italmark chooses Costan and Eurocryor for the store of Brescia

Between innovation and territoriality Italmark entrusts itself to Epta for the store of Piazza Vittoria, in the centre of Brescia, Northern Italy. A place focused on the local food and wine culture where Epta branded solutions help respond to the needs of diverse types of consumers: those who love to be advised by staff, those who opt for quick shopping and those who prefer maximum comfort.

But what features must the counter fridge have to guarantee perfect preservation and display of foods? Excellent performance, energy efficiency and maximum visibility for the products are a must. 

Velvet Costan deli cooler

Those who love to be advised by expert staff can choose the products inside the traditional Velvet counter fridges of the OutFit Costan family. 

Velvet, with its sinuous shapes that follow the profile of the supermarket, harmoniously integrates the serve-over area for deli proposals cooked every day by the staff, with the self-service cheese area. Furthermore, the top level of the counter is suitable for recommending new culinary combinations to promote cross-selling. 

To extend the time the customer spends in the store, Epta has proposed the Velvet Tavola Calda module for rotisserie specialities which can be eaten in the Grocerant area.

​Fish, cheese and meat display cabinets which attract customers

Continuing towards the fish department, the minimal aesthetics of the Batik semi-vertical open of the OutFit Costan family and its elevated transparency transform fresh fish into the real star. The versatility of this furniture makes it ideal to enhance delicious pre-packaged ready meals, cured meats and cheese. The cascading shelves and the glass terminal ends also improve visibility of the products. 

The culinary journey continues in the meat department. The Panorama counter fridge of Eurocryor makes the most of the ready to cook products and the traditional skewers of Brescia. In the Panorama Meat version, the solution ensures perfect preservation of the prime cuts of meat thanks to the innovative Dynamic System technology. 

The three glass door refrigerators: GranVista, Gran Sibari and GranBering 

The OutFit solutions merge with the GranFit Costan family, perfect for fresh, ultra-fresh and packaged frozen products, to guarantee absolute consistency of display. 

The setting of the self-service area features the colourful canvas inside the GranVista glass door refrigerators. Solutions proposed in Open version for fruit and veg and Closed version, with full height glass and panoramic ends for dairy products, juices and fresh pasta. 

To complete the offer of fresh products, the GranSibari semi-vertical open sets itself apart for increased load capacity. The flavourful ready specialities are placed on cascading shelves, up to a maximum of 6, occupying minimum floor space. A modern layout thanks to the coordinated look with the other ranges, for a perfect continuity and visual harmony of the entire supermarket.

​The display balance is also achieved thanks to the GranBering models, vertical negative refrigerators where the vast range of ice cream is close at hand and can be appreciated in its entirety at a single glance. 

Solutions for online shoppers: #EPTABricks

For the more digital consumers, Italmark offers a further service: #EPTABricks refrigerated lockers allow you to pick up your shopping of dry, fresh and frozen products bought on-line 24 hours a day. 

The installation is completed by the EptaTechnica CO2 refrigeration pack – for high energy efficiency – and the Misa cold rooms able to ensure food safety and superior food security.

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