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Etpa flies to Dublin for the makeover of Wilsons Family Butchers. A renewed environment thanks to the refrigerated cabinets branded Eurocryor and Costan, realised ad hoc to give the store an exclusive and contemporary look.


Wilsons roots of expertise

Wilsons expertise embeds its roots in traditional breeding practices, handed down from generation to generation. One of the most notable is Grass Fed, according to which first rate cattle, grazed outdoors for an average of 220 days a year, are fed at least 90% grass.


A country which enhances sustainable breeding techniques, awarded during the 2022 edition of World Steak Challenge, an important contest for butchers from around the world. On this occasion, a panel of experts decreed Irish meat as one of the best in the world, assigning it 15 gold medals out of a total of 52.



Excellent products and technologically advanced cabinets

In Wilsons butcher shop, the excellent products are perfectly preserved thanks to technologically advanced cabinets such as Bistrot, by Eurocryor. They feature wide extra-transparent glass, and LED lighting to make the best of the Burgundy red of the cuts and offer Customers a full view of the products, from the typical pies to the meatballs and fillets, to the Irish sausage.


A distinctive element of the solution is the front wood effect panel, personalised according to the aesthetic taste of the owners and recalled by the Gemini semivertical for a homogeneous store layout. This last cabinet, proposed for the self-service area, allows to widen the culinary assortment with prepackaged foods, favouring cross merchandising, also thanks to the vast range of pasta, sauces and gravies, available on the central island and on the shelves of the shop. The furnishing is completed by the vertical Valzer, of the Costan brand, for the presentation of frozen foods.


“We entrusted ourselves to Epta for the quality and elegance of its equipment and for the Dynamic System technology, which keeps the correct temperature and humidity inside the cabinet. An essential feature for butcher shops, which allows to optimally preserve the organoleptic features of the products in the best possible way". Comments Conor Wilsons who concludes “A further advantage is the night function, to display the meat in the cabinets for multiple days, without having to put it in the cold rooms during the night, for a significant time saving and protection of weight loss".​

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