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Costan specialized in commercial refrigeration

Costan is the original core of Epta, a multinational group specialising in commercial refrigeration. Founded in 1946 as an artisan workshop to produce iceboxes and refrigerated cabinets, it was purchased in 1986. The brand, which has always been synonymous with maximum quality, excellent service, technologically advanced and reliable products; specialises in the design, production, installation and maintenance of refrigerated cabinets for the assisted sale and self-service of fresh and frozen products.

The range of commercial refrigeration products by Costan includes: traditional refrigerated cabinets and counters for fresh, loose and packaged products; positive temperature vertical and semi-vertical refrigerated cabinets for fresh packaged products; negative temperature vertical and horizontal refrigerated cabinets to store frozen products; plug-in refrigerated cabinets for retail and Integral cabinets for specialist stores.

This range is joined by the catalogue of the Group's brands and the services namely EptaService, EptaConcept and EptaFinancialServices.

A history in the commercial refrigeration


The origins

The origins of Costan date to 1946, when brothers Mario and Alberto Costan set up a first artisan workshop in Turin to produce iceboxes and refrigerated cabinets. 

1950 -1960

The first innovations

The first innovative proposal was a traditional cabinet: the lower part had a refrigerated area to hold stock, the upper area was a worktop protected by curved glass for product presentation.   A short time later, the first coldrooms were produced thanks to the widespread need of shops to store goods.

The Italian "Boom" signed Costan

In the 1960s a cutting counter is presented for the first time in stainless steel with tempered glass: its name is Gran Luce and it is patented. It marked the beginning of the company's great business success. 


1970 -1980

The international turning point

Thanks to increased demand and to the progress made by technical innovation, in the early 1970s the plant is moved to Limana, in the province of Belluno, where equipment for commercial refrigeration is now produced.  

In continuous development

In the late 1980s Costan becomes part of the emerging Epta Group owned by Luigi Nocivelli, of which it still represents a historical brand of the product. 


Towards a strong group identity

Technological evolution and collaboration with the other companies of Epta Group lead to the birth of new and increasingly modern products. 


Epta: an increasingly cohesive group

In the 2000s a cohesive group is fully up and running in terms of production, organisation and values. Epta is officially born in March 2003, and the plant of Limana is enlarged with new departments. 

Recognised excellence

The excellence of Costan products is recognised by different awards, including the German Design Award 2016, presented by the German Design Council to Costan's RevUP family for its sophisticated design and excellent performance 


A new goal

The German Design Council awards Costan products yet again: the Outfit family receives the German Design Award 2020 for the innovations represented by the traditional Velvet cabinet.

Certifications for qualified and skilled refrigeration systems

Costan's activity conforms to the guidelines established by the Group in its Integrated Management Systems. The aim of these is to align all procedures in order to rigorously pursue excellence in quality while fully respecting the environment and the community. In this respect, Costan fully meets the standards for designing, manufacturing, installing, servicing and maintaining temperature-controlled display cabinets and associated systems, in compliance with Total Quality criteria that are shared and acknowledged throughout the Group for each step in production.

All the details regarding the certifications of the production plants are available within the Epta Integrated Report.


Eurovent Certification

Epta adheres to the voluntary European  Eurovent program for the energy performance levels of refrigerated counters. Eurovent independently certifies the performance of the equipment in terms of air treatment, air conditioning and refrigeration based on shared European and international standards. The objective of the voluntary Eurovent certification is to strengthen client confidence through a common and independent platform for all manufacturers, which may help increase the integrity and accuracy of industrial appraisal: that's why an easy-to-read label was created to guide in the appraisal of the counter's energy performance levels.


Eurovent Certification Diploma