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Display refrigerators for retail: Bennet’s choice

Epta merges the creativity of EptaConcept, the efficiency of Costan solutions and the freshness of the Misa cold rooms to restyle the Bennet store of Olgiate Comasco. For the store in the province of Como (Italy), Epta focuses on efficiency and sustainability with 100% customised solutions, from the display refrigerator to the deep freezer islands.

Bennet's founder, Enzo Ratti, moved his first steps precisely in Como in the 1960s. An ambitious project which has made the company one of the key Italian players in the Retail sector, with more than 6,000 employees and 65 hypermarkets throughout northern Italy.
Success achieved thanks to the great dedication, transmitted by Enzo to his son Michele. Today, the new generation of the Ratti family looks to the future, to intercept the latest trends and innovate itself. The goal is to transform “shopping" into an emotionally engaging fun experience able to satisfy its customers.  

Costan best-in-class furnishings and Misa cold rooms

This is the ambition with which Bennet turns to Epta, entrusting itself to its expertise to modernise a store of 3,000 m2
The project was implemented with numerous night-time operations to allow the smooth running of activities and saw the installation of:

  • best-in class furnishings by Costan
  • Misa cold rooms

    Last – but by no means less important – the implementation of the ETE system for transcritical CO2 systems, to ensure greater efficiency and sustainability.

    Costan refrigerator display: a “museum" of products

    The imagination of EptaConcept has given way to a “museum" of products thanks to the full height glass doors and to the LED lighting of the 55 m of GranVista Next Costan. The display refrigerator, similar to a showcase, marks the route among a vast choice of fresh packaged products, until it blends with the vertical GranBering.

    Deep freezer islands, to encourage cross-selling

    The latter is the display refrigerator proposed to present frozen food, accompanied by the Chorus island for promotional sales.

    EptaConcept resumes their square profiles with the semi-vertical GranValdaj and Stage island, which display fish products, milk and dishes from all over the world. The solutions are used to pair cured meats, snacks and sauces, encouraging cross-selling, thanks to the upper part which sets them apart.

    Costan butcher's counter and cheese display case

    A store built around the people who live it. In the butcher's department, customers can watch staff prepare the meat cuts to position inside the horizontal Velvet thanks to the worktops in full view. The SV model of the cabinet also furnishes the delicatessen department, accompanied by the open version of the Boutique display case to exhibit cold cuts.


    Teamwork between EptaConcept and Bennet, focused on innovation and quality.

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