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Digital transformation: retail evolution with Epta

Digital transformation: retail evolution with Epta

The retail world is evolving and digital transformation is one of the drivers of change. Epta is fully aware of this, and it supports retailers in offering a fast, pleasant and safe purchasing experience.

Artificial intelligence and the Scan&Go devices are among the technologies that are emerging. In particular, to support new consumption habits, these innovations simplify in-store shopping and guarantee social distancing.

United States, France, Sweden, as well as China, Japan and South Korea are the countries most focused on unmanned stores. 

Unmanned Store: the shop of the future

These are advanced stores which must guarantee constant performance. Consequently, they require high-performance and reliable solutions.

For example, to respond to the needs of AI-powered stores, the refrigerated counters of the Epta brand can be equipped with a cutting-edge monitoring system.

The successful applications of the Group are numerous, both in France and, more recently, in the United Arab Emirates. The first cashier-free store of the region was inaugurated there in recent months.

Scan&Go? How much technology is needed  

The shop of the future in Dubai has been designed, from its earlies stages, in association with Epta.

The store presents a surface of 100m² and has been designed for quick and complete shopping. The consumer downloads a dedicated app, shows the QR Code at the entrance and can start buying immediately. The Scan&Go technology takes care of the rest.

Video cameras equipped with Computer Vision and Machine Learning detect customer movements and keep track of their purchases. At the exit, the bill is automatically charged to the card registered on the app, eliminating the need for the cashier.

Costan vertical plug-in, the solution chosen by the futuristic store of Dubai 

The store has entrusted Epta with the realisation of a refrigeration system with a made to measure solution. Epta has proposed a personalised version of a Costan vertical plug-in with natural refrigerant propane R290. 

The refrigerated counters fit perfectly in this environment with reduced sizes thanks to their compactness. Furthermore, they ensure consistent performance over time and maximum visibility of the products. 

A further advantage of Costan plug-ins is the integrated remote monitoring. Indeed, the total absence of staff in the store makes it necessary for cutting-edge equipment to control and manage all the refrigeration system parameters. 

What does the Remote Monitoring System do? 

The Remote Monitoring System ensures remote control of the configuration of the refrigerated counters. The advantages are numerous:

  • ensure an unmatched level of connectivity
  • check the parameters of the refrigerated counters in real time 
  • receive and manage any alarm signals and error situations 
  • transfer a quantity of greater data to the Epta Telemonitoring Centre, for enhanced 24/7 monitoring.

Epta is increasingly committed to turn-key projects which it develops together with retailers from the early stages. The futuristic store of Dubai is an icon of digital innovation and a clear testimony of this. 

In addition to the logistical and project management skills, Epta has been able to develop a tailor-made solution perfectly suited to such an advanced technological environment.