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The solutions of the Epta brands are the mainstay of Il Gigante supermarket of Trezzano sul Naviglio (MI). A new format designed to highlight the quality of the fresh products, flagship of the supermarket.


The challenge of the project has been to merge tradition, modernity and sustainability, creating an attractive and comfortable environment, able to reflect the identity of the Chain. This supermarket of 2,500 m2 was designed to shape a new way of shopping, where every detail is designed to improve the shopping experience of the Customers. A tangible example of this approach is the serve-over area, which features the Velvet Costan traditional cabinets. Thanks to the increased use of glass and the perfect balance between the elements of the structure, the cabinets contribute to increasing the interaction between the customers and operators, optimizing the visiblity of the products. The vast assortment features the products of the butchery, enhanced by the Velvet Ultra module, the vast selection of local cured meats and cheeses, the desserts produced in-store, the gastronomy and rotisserie, to hand down the taste of the recipes of the past, with ready to eat dishes, displayed in the Hot Table module.


The central area of the store is the “Piazza dei freschi", consisting of self-service islands, realised with Velvet and Chorus branded Costan and Twin ​Eurocryor. The cabinets, arranged back-to-back, present a rich offer ranging from meat, fish, sausage and dairy products, to promotions. For fruit and vegetables, the choice fell on Velvet with Style aesthetic, characterised by tilted feet that give lightness to the cabinet and contribute to recreating the typical atmosphere of the markets of yesteryear. Furthermore, thanks to its versatility, the cabinet is also ideal to satisfy the new needs of modern consumers and enhance the organic products or ready to eat soups.


The Retailer particularly appreciated the clean aesthetics, the increased glazing and the energy saving of the GranVista and GranBering chilled cabinets of the GranFit Costan, which enrich the self-service area with vertical cabinets dedicated to fresh and frozen products for customers who favour quick shopping. An additional distinctive trait of the store is the coordinated design of all the chilled cabinets, personalised in the colours as requested by the client: the front areas and the lower elements of the furnishings are beige and the upper sections are dark brown. The Costan solutions of the GranFit and OutFit families are available with the same finishes to ensure a homogenous look & feel and an elevated visual impact, in line with the brand identity of Il Gigante.


The Misa cold rooms complete the installation. To ensure the quality of the products processed on-site, the preparations take place under the eyes of customers, inside on-sight laboratories by Misa. These areas are made with plasticized industrial panels, with Epta Food Defence treatment. It is an antibacterial system with silver ions applied directly to the sheet metal and designed to improve food safety, for total and permanent protection for the entire life of the cold room. Finally, for greater practicality, Epta proposed the sliding doors option. 

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