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Epta gives its contribution to the realisation of Oasi of Perugia on via Palermo, a new concept superstore of approximately 3,300 m2, entirely in Class A++++ that interprets the vocation of Gruppo Gabrielli towards innovation and a sustainable future. Principles that Epta has known how to enhance involving the Retailer in the Life C4R Carbon 4 Retail Refrigeration project promoted by Gruppo Epta and co-financed by the European Union.  

The installation at Oasi Perugia will allow to gather objective data with reference to the levels of energy consumption compared to CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, following the adoption of the technological innovations of Epta. The system comprises an Eco2Large transcritical CO2 pack of medium and low power with FTE 2.0 on-board, pre-installed and tested, combined with ETE. It is because of their simplicity and the positive contribution to the reduction in the greenhouse effect through the exclusive use of CO2 as refrigerant, that FTE and ETE have been identified by the European Union as key technologies to protect the environment and the climate and inserted into the prestigious community project. The over 400 installations of FTE in the world, from Australia to Europe to South America, bear witness to a 10% energy saving and up to 20% lower installation and maintenance costs than traditional systems.

Furthermore, Epta proposed Costan branded cabinets for the fresh and frozen product area. Each solution was chosen to increase the quality of each product category and ensure, at the same time, maximum aesthetic coherency and minimum consumption. From the GranVista Next Close vertical cabinets with panoramic terminal ends for fresh packaged products which, in their best configuration, reach energy class B, to the GranSesia semivertical and GranBering vertical cabinets for frozen products of the GranFit family, to the traditional Velvet serve-over and self-service cabinets of the OutFit family, which create cross-selling opportunities and enhance the quality of the vast assortment of local and national specialties. The perfect integration between the models is also ensured by the modern and clean lines and by the white finishes of the Finishing Collection.   

It is expected that at Oasi of Perugia it will be possible to obtain a reduction of 57,215kWh/year, equal to 61,983 less washing machine cycles per year or 2.285 less small cars in 10 years.* The data which will be recorded with those of the other 3 Italian pilot projects and 4 replica prototypes in Romania and Spain will reinforce the performance of the FTE 2.0 and ETE systems in different climate conditions, to promote growth of the entire sector and affirm these technologies as standard industrial solutions throughout the European Union.

*data calculated on an average/annual use

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