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A green supermarket: Epta and Conad for the new store of Piombino

Sustainability, attention to the client and innovation: these are the ingredients behind the collaboration between Epta and Conad for the new recently inaugurated store of Piombino (Central Italy).


Ecologically advanced, the store is the result of a building renovation project that has returned to the city an upgraded space, transforming it into a reference point for weekly shopping. The supermarket, designed with a green perspective, boasts photovoltaic systems, Led lighting and latest generation refrigeration systems, signed Epta, which combine energy saving and the improved display and preservation of the products.  


To ensure Clients complete shopping and vast choice, the layout of this store of 1,500 m² includes numerous departments, with a focus on fresh products and local specialties. For the serve-over area, Epta proposed the traditional Velvet chilled cabinets with Design aesthetic for the gastronomic excellence of Cured meats, hot and cold Gastronomy, Fish and Butchery. With the goal of responding to the needs of every Retailer, in the Delicatessen area, for example, a module convertible from serve-over to self-service was inserted for flexible configurations, depending on the promotions. Worthy of note, is the module dedicated to fish; during Sushi Events, scheduled on Fridays and weekends, it is set up to present the ingredients necessary to prepare this Japanese specialty, done by an expert operator, before the eyes of consumers.


For the self-service islands the Client particularly appreciated the Verdi Costan chilled cabinets, ideal to enhance the meat, thanks to their elevated capacity and flexibility. This area also features the semivertical Twin Eurocyror chilled cabinets, whose design is studied to improve the presentation of the products and boost impulse buying, including of complementary articles displayed on the roof, such as the pairing of cheeses, mustard and honey.

In addition, with the goal of enhancing the energy saving of the store, Epta has offered vertical chilled cabinets GranVista with doors for the self-service fresh products. This solution merges respect for the environment and design, GranVista of the GranFit family enhances the display coherence between this area and the serve-over area thanks to the coordinated aesthetics with the models of the Outfit range, both for the upper sections and the lower sections of the GranVista, and for the front parts of the Velvet chilled cabinets.


Epta also dealt with the storage section, where it provided the Misa cold rooms, which feature reduced consumption and maximum food safety. Finally, to ensure reduction of the carbon footprint, Epta installed an ECO2Large​ pack with FTE​, patented technology that attests to a 10% energy saving in the refrigeration system (compared to standard solutions) and up to 20% lower installation and maintenance costs. 

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