Integral / SlimFit

Valzer Next

Integral / SlimFit

Valzer Next

​Vertical plug-in refrigerated cabinet with doors powered by propane refrigerant gas (R290) that guarantees excellent presentation of frozen products.

It elegantly furnishes all sales surfaces, from minimarkets to hypermarkets. Excellent response to the needs of retailers aiming to realise proximity stores.

Excellent overview of the products thanks to the full-glass doors, the panoramic terminal ends and the LED lighting system by EPTA. Easy maintenance thanks to the “maintenance free" condenser.

  • Temperature: LT
  • Class: 3L1
  • Cabinet type: Integral
Frozen food and ice cream.jpg

Frozen Food and Ice cream

Incorporated condensing unit.jpg

Incorporated condensing unit

Led lighting.jpg

LED lighting

High efficiency fans.jpg

High efficiency fans



Propane refrigerant gas (R290).jpg

Propane refrigerant gas (R290)

Off-cycle defrost.jpg

Off-cycle defrost

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