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Numeri Primi will be opening a “temple of gastronomy and fine dining” with its new store in the centre of Bari, and has called upon Epta for the fit-out of the fresh food area. This will be an innovative concept, created to safeguard the authentic values of tradition and quality and a place where shopping will offer an opportunity to immerse customers in a process involving all the senses, from sight to taste. This format is reflected perfectly in Epta’s strategic approach, which aims to promote a superior customer experience thanks to bespoke visual merchandising solutions for every Store.

These include the remote Granvista Costan positive vertical cabinets and the  compact Valzer plug-ins, that were chosen for packaged fresh products: full-height glass doors that enhance the local products and are respectful of the environment. sustainability is one of the main strengths of Numeri Primi, as confirmed by the choice of these glass cabinets and particularly GranVista, that is certified by Eurovent, as a guarantee of the highest performance levels even for energy-saving.

Numeri Primi also aims to underline the importance of tradition by promoting a direct interaction between the highly experienced staff and its gourmet customers. In this regard, the Rossini cabinet proved ideal for bringing staff and consumers closer to one another in the serve-over area. The personalisation of the front panel in white ash block-board contributes to highlighting the wholesomeness and freshness of the finest cuts of meats and the generous selection of cheeses.

Finally, to guarantee for its customers an unrivalled service, Numeri Primi has also chosen to use the assistance offered by the specialist brand Epta Service

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