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New collaboration between EPTA and Italmark

Italmark chooses the Epta Group for It's market, the new store of Roncadelle (Brescia): a brand new concept to create a unique store, ideal both for daily shopping and for consumption on site of the outstanding local food and wine. 

Tradition and innovation meet in this store that sees the participation of Epta to realise a format that, with a play of colours, styles and layouts, recalls the market of yesteryear and enables the consumer to experiment a taste of the shopping experience of the future. The aim of the Retailer is to enhance territoriality and offer a personalised buying experience for each category of Consumer: from those who opt for quick shopping, to those who choose to entrust themselves to experts or, finally, those who prefer to extend their stay and taste on site the local specialities purchased in the grocerant area. 

The Costan and Eurocryor solutions prove to be the winning choice to enhance fresh and frozen products: the arrangement of lower cabinets in the centre of the hypermarket and murals in the lateral areas enable all-round visibility of the products. For the assortment of the departments dedicated to cured meat and cheese, meat and deli products. Epta proposed the Velvet Costan refrigerated cabinets with Design aesthetic, for both the serve-over and for the presentation of pre-packaged products, on elegant cascading shelves. The delicatessen area is particularly attractive. Here, a vast range of hot ready-made dishes and fresh pasta prepared in store and cooked directly in front of consumers' eyes is available for purchase. The promotions and the selection of premium products are displayed in the Twin islands of Eurocryor that promote cross-merchandising, thanks to the possibility to present the complementary ambient offer on the case top. 

The layout of the store also stands out for the original quality of the fruit and vegetable department with the GranVista Open vertical refrigerated cabinets, where loose products are placed next to the complementary offer of the fourth and fifth product range. The scenic presentation of the firstlings brings to mind a market of yesteryear and enhances the colours and freshness of seasonal products.

The all-glass doors of the GranVista Next chilled and GranBering​ frozen vertical cabinets of the GranFit range contribute to an optimal display of branded pre-packaged goods, preparations and ready-made dishes. Worthy of note is also the choice of antibacterial handles for the GranVista Next, a further guarantee of hygiene and food safety. Finally, to increase the opportunities of impulse-buying. Epta has introduced the Armonia Costan plug-in cabinets as end of island cabinets of the aisles of dry products, which, thanks to their width of just 997 mm and height of 2 m, integrate perfectly with the ambient shelves.

The installation is completed by the ECO2Large pack with FTE, to guarantee the high-energy efficiency of the entire store and the Misa cold rooms that contribute to greater food safety and food security of fresh and frozen products.

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