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​Innovation triumphs, thanks to Epta, in the new Poli Group Hypermarket of Via Brennero, a well-established brand founded in Trento in 1938.

Poli is a well-established family-run company, which has always been close to the territory and attentive to consumer needs; it has known how to constantly renew its offer and sales format to become the undisputed leader of the sector in Trentino Alto Adige.

The Poli family have enjoyed great success; thanks to the determination of the founding brothers Beniamino and Giuseppe first, and that of the subsequent generation later, it has succeeded in transforming a small shop of horticultural products into a chain which now counts more than seventy sales outlets spread throughout the region and in Garda veronese.

Pioneer in presenting the first true supermarket to the people of Trento in 1958, and in designing the first shop with circular plan in Italy in the 1990s, the Poli Group continues its virtuous path of innovation choosing Epta, with which it shares values such as family-run property, leadership in the target market and vocation for the highest quality.


The Poli Group makes natural refrigeration one of the key assets of its development, thanks to Costan and Eurocryor counters and cabinets of the Epta Group, which furnish the new store of Trento, a surface of 4000 m2.

With a view to reducing the environmental impact of its stores, the Poli Group strives for sustainable development which is reflected in the progressive replacement of the obsolete equipment and in the selection of the best new generation refrigerated cabinets for the new openings.

New models have been chosen for the store of Trento to make the Fresh Products Area more attractive, with special attention to dairy products and meat, where the enhancement of local products, such as the vast assortment of Malga cheeses, is guaranteed by a scenic display of the products.

The key models intended for fresh pre-packed and ultrafresh products are:

- the positive semivertical GranValdaj of the Costan Granfit range, which features up to 6 shelves, a higher loading limit and essential design, for improved product visibility.

- the Batik cabinet of the Costan Outfit series, in the Open version, highly customisable, which offers an excellent ratio between display surface and floor space occupied.

- the vertical positive GranVista of the Costan GranFit range, dedicated to fresh milk and dairy products, which ensures considerable performance and minimum consumption.

- the semivertical Gemini of the Eurocryor Stili family, to preserve cuts of high-quality meat.

- the self-service island Silk of the Costan OutFit family, equipped with double well and synonymous with elegance and flexible layout.

This area of crucial importance inside the shop, is completed by the numerous serve-over cabinets designed to recreate an atmosphere typical of small shops.

We highlight Velvet of the Costan OutFit range, ergonomic and suited to any product category, Bistrot Caldo and Bistro Pasticceria of the Eurocryor Stili family, to enhance pizza, cheese, salami, cakes and pastries of excellent quality.

Furthermore, for better preservation of the meat the Poli Group has entrusted itself to the Eurocryor patented system Dynamic System which, thanks to an innovative operation, helps to maintain the organoleptic conditions of the product intact.

The tasty hot dishes of the Trentino gastronomic tradition also find space inside the store, thanks to Velvet Hot Table of the Costan OutFit family.

To conclude, the area intended for frozen products is characterised by the presence of the vertical negative GranBering, of the Costan Granfit line, and of the double well island Tortuga, belonging to the same family.

“The choice to open a new store in Trento takes on a strong symbolic value for us" states Mauro Poli, General Affairs Director of the Poli Group, who concludes “The choice to engage Epta, leader of the sector, and its innovative technologies, is consistent with our strategy to develop projects oriented towards a conscious vision for a more sustainable future".

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