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Epta International working with the most modern Delhaize supermarket in Flanders

The Delhaize chain chooses Epta International yet again and entrusts it with the food area of the new flagship store of Aalst in Belgium, known as “the most modern Delhaize supermarket in Flanders". The store of 2,200 m2 becomes the representation of a new concept characterised by evocative atmospheres. The goal was to empower the shopping experience through the detailed analysis of the purchasing journey and a key focus on innovation.

Epta International has known how to respond to every customer's need with Costan- branded solutions that are able to merge energy saving and the enhancement of the vast offer, which ranges from local specialties, to ready to eat dishes, to sushi and vegetarian recipes, capturing the tastes and needs of every customer. The Epta team has worked alongside the Delhaize team in designing an appealing and functional layout. At the entrance the GranVista Open and Closed vertical chilled cabinets and the fully glazed plug-ins Stage ​are the cabinets that stand out. Thanks to their versatility and transparencies, they have proven ideal to present the vast proposal of solutions for healthy meals, designed for customers who are looking for fast shopping: freshly cut fruit, juices and fresh beverages, starters, rolls, soups and salads to make with your favourite ingredients.

The central area is dedicated to the world of fresh products, which is the highlight of the store. Designed to ensure a complete overview of the offer, it is composed of semivertical islands that include GranSibari ​and Velvet SV, which give an unobstructed view of the meat and fish area placed along the walls at the bottom of the supermarket, also furnished with Velvet SV. The choice of these models, respectively of the GranFit and OutFit family, also ensures the best display coherence by virtue of their coordinated design.

Finally, the area dedicated to frozen products is also noteworthy. The protagonists are the GranBering vertical chilled cabinets and the new Crocodile SW horizontal cabinet, designed to highlight the packaging and reduce the environmental impact, thanks to the glass closures and the perfect alignment between the models, which gives the area a more exclusive appeal. This sets the tone of the space and improves the visibility of the products, each positioned inside the most suitable cabinet to enhance it. 

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