Chilled Vertical and Semivertical / Fundamenta

Arcade Eco

Energy class *
Chilled Vertical and Semivertical / Fundamenta

Arcade Eco

Energy class *

​Vertical chilled display cabinet with remote unit, fitted with doors, for fresh pre-packed products. Sturdy and ergonomic, it is designed to make cleaning and maintenance as easy as possible.

Particularly suited to Hard Discount Stores, it offers the possibility of increasing energy saving without sacrificing the visibility of the product.

Available in two heights and 3 lengths, it guarantees excellent preservation of the product in all temperature classes.

  • Temperature: MT
  • Class: 3M1 – 3M2 – 3H
  • Type of cabinet: vertical

Arcade Eco 20

Arcade Eco 22

Arcade Eco 20

Arcade Eco 22



IV Gama.jpg

Pre-packed fruit and vegetables



Fruits and vegetables.jpg

Fruit and Vegetables





Dairy products.jpg

Dairy products

Off-cycle defrost.jpg

Off-cycle defrost

Led lighting.jpg

LED lighting

Electric defrost.jpg

Electric defrost

High efficiency fans.jpg

High efficiency fans



Remote condensing unit.jpg

Remote condensing unit

*The information on the energy class (according to EU regulations 2019/2018 and EU 2019/2024) reported here refers to standard models and precise product configurations and set-ups. The site is based on the information available at the time of publication. As the energy class depends on the specific product configuration, despite the efforts made to ensure the greatest possible accuracy, the real data can differ significantly from the data declared here. For further information, we invite you to consult the European Product Database for Energy Labelling (EPREL) or to contact our Sales Office.