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Isola delle Femmine, in the province of Palermo, Italy, welcomes the innovative solutions of Costan, brand of the Epta Group, in its historic Despar, absolute protagonists of the full renovation project which involved the town store of 120 m2.

Located in the heart of Isola delle Femmine, an oasis of tranquillity set among two nature reserves and lapped by a crystalline sea, this supermarket has been of enormous importance for the residents of the famous seaside village for generations and, naturally, for the thousands of tourists who crowd its golden beaches during the summer season.

The strategy, which has always been implemented by the Chain of Isola delle Femmine, in virtue of the local importance of the store, lies in the constant renewal of its product range, in terms of assortment and technologies for food preservation.

Specifically, Despar experiences a constant evolution depending on the tastes of the clients, both local and non-local, and the new sales paradigms, to mould an increasingly engaging shopping experience for the consumer.

The store changes appeal thanks to Epta

The works carried out in the Sicilian Despar are not a simple renovation, but a total revolution of the store, which changes appeal, thanks to Epta.

Particularly challenging from the start, redesigning the different product areas was done motivated by the need to enhance the department dedicated to fresh products and increase the display capacity, optimising the limited space, focusing on energy efficiency.

Epta studied in detail the restyling of the Fresh product department, the area of greater profitability and attractiveness for consumers, with cutting-edge, energy-efficient solutions able to give the store a harmonious and modern design.

The authentic sicilian flavours find an ally in Costan refrigerated furniture

The authentic Sicilian flavours find an ally in the refrigerated furniture branded Costan, namely GranVista Next and GranBering Integral, of the GranFit range, and Velvet and Boutique of the OutFit family.

The vertical remote refrigerated cabinet GranVista Next, dedicated to prepackaged fresh products, displays the fruit and vegetables and fresh beverages, in its Open version and dairy products, in its Closed version.

The serve-over refrigerated cabinet Velvet, dedicated to high-value foods such as seasoned cheeses and delicious ready to eat dishes of Sicilian gastronomy, offers an excellent display ratio and is characterised for its high level of flexibility, as the Boutique rear bench for salami, equipped with a refrigerated reserve to optimise spaces, with a linear and elegant aesthetic.

The must-have Frozen department is equipped with the negative incorporated unit cabinet GranBering Integral which provides the same display capacity as a remote cabinet and guarantees greater energy performance, thanks to optimised Low Consumption doors.

The entire store is restyled with an aesthetic homogeneity and layout, accentuated by the family feeling of the GranFit and OutFit ranges to give a certain overall lightness.

“We highly appreciated the professionalism of the Epta team in managing the entire project, the result is a supermarket equipped with the most innovative solutions of the sector" declares Flavia Bruno, Owner and Director of Despar, who continues and concludesOur collaboration will certainly continue with the after-sales services offered by the Group, such as the remote monitoring activity and annual maintenance".

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