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Idea, one of the major Serbian supermarket chains, chooses the professionalism of the Epta Group for their first CO2 transcritical installation, designed for the new store of Belgrade. A turning point for Idea, showing its renewed commitment for sustainable development.


The Epta and its local partner AMS Pet Invest teams worked side by side and supported Idea throughout the project, from the selection of the best solutions for their needs, to the installation and the technical support. The Costan chilled cabinets and the Eco2Large pack have proved ideal for ensuring the Client a reduced environmental impact and maximum reliability.


The Eco2Large CO2 transcritical pack of medium and low power has seven compressors and provides a total refrigeration power of 120kw. Furthermore, thanks to the monitoring and integrated control system, it guarantees energy savings of 10% compared to a traditional system. It also distinguishes itself for compactness and accessibility to all the components from one side only, so that it can be used in an application scenario such as this one, characterised by a small machine room, and allow faster maintenance.


Worthy of note are also the Velvet chilled cabinets. Thanks to their versatility, they turned out to be the ideal choice in the area of cured meats and cheeses, meat, fish, delicatessen and desserts. The Velvet Hot Table unit, for example, enriches the gastronomic specialties with hot dishes for take-away, the self service Velvet model ensures the best display of packaged cured meats and Velvet SV completes the offer with the presentation of the pâtisserie.

Finally, the Lion vertical chilled cabinets stand out in the self-service area. They are dedicated to fresh pasta and dairy products. Ice-cream and frozen products are enhanced inside GranBering vertical freezers, designed specifically to ensure significant energy savings and highlight the products, thanks to the visibility of the full-height doors. 

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