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Aspiag Service, the Despar concessionaire for the Triveneto and Emilia Romagna regions, opened the new Eurospar store a few months ago in one of the liveliest and most serviced areas of Verona: a store with a modern and sustainable soul and with particular attention to the enhancement of local products and traditional flavours.  Modernity and tradition, future and past: four fundamental aspects for Despar, which come to life in this store, where the customer meets the most advanced technologies in plant management and the gastronomic tradition, true characteristics of the area.

A combination that finds its maximum expression in the solutions provided by Epta, branded Costan and Eurocryor, to shape an attractive layout full of character.

The store transforms into a stage, to immerse the Customer in the atmosphere that surrounds them starting from the fresh products area, thanks to the vertical cabinets GranVista Next and Tango Next. The first, with personalised light grey silkscreen print ends, is the version utilising doors for packaged products and the open version for the vegan and vegetarian products and bulk vegetables. Tango Next, on the other hand, has proven to be the ideal choice for the presentation of the wide selection of wines, beers and soft drinks. The two solutions branded Costan are characterised by their full-height transparency and exclusive LED lighting, to guarantee excellent visibility of the articles that attracts and accompanies the customer in their choice of purchase. A further prominent element in the enhancement of fresh products is the island Twin Midi SV by Eurocryor that mixes, for example, the display of soups, salads, fresh fruit and desserts, placed inside the display cabinet, with complementary products, such as cutlery and dressings, positioned on the roof of the cabinet, encouraging impulse buying and cross-selling opportunities.

The vertical negative temperature cabinet GranBering by Costan, with light grey finishes, enhances the display of ice creams and frozen products, for an aisle with a modern appeal that compels one to purchase. The full height doors combined with frameless design and LED lighting represent the key features of this solution, to guarantee unparalleled visibility of the goods and high-energy savings.

Finally, customisation and extreme flexibility are provided with the Velvet​ solutions branded Costan, provided in the RDBP self-service, semi-vertical, hot table versions, which give a refined touch to the meat, hot table and delicatessen department.

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