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E.Leclerc of Rocques sur Garonne, in the periphery of Toulouse, chooses the quality of Epta Group and the professionalism of the EptaConcept team to restyle its store of 14,000 m², one of the largest hypermarkets of the supermarket chain. The purpose of the project, realised in association with the Interior Architecture Firm of Beatrice Oréal of Nantes, has been to present the store in a new guise, dedicating a larger space to fresh products, to which an area of 5000m² has been reserved. The EptaConcept team, which boasts Interior Designers, Consultants and Architects, has accompanied E.Leclerc during the entire renovation, offering advice and furnishings able to fully satisfy the needs of the Client and the requests of the Oréal firm. To this end, the wide offer of Costan branded solutions has proved successful, thanks to the elevated customisation of the traditional refrigeration cabinets and of their perfect integration with the furniture chosen for the self-service area.

The new layout of the store includes seven islands furnished with the Velvet Costan refrigerated cabinets and dedicated to the presentation of different specialities such as fresh meat, cured meat, cheese, deli, pastry products, Italian cuisine, fish and ready-prepared fresh fruit and vegetables, with a special emphasis on preparation on-site, in front of the Consumer. The area dedicated to fresh products has been re-organised to recall an old-fashioned market, with a combination of shapes, styles and colours able to transport the Clients into a piazza of yesteryear. To this end, EptaConcept has proposed a customisation of Velvet serve-over traditional refrigerated cabinets to emphasise each category and shape environments with an evocative atmosphere. A clear example is the fresh meat department where the protagonist is Velvet in its serve-over and Torre versions. The light-coloured wood and the decoration with doors in the lower part of the refrigerated cabinets recall the style of the shops of the past and give a retrò touch while enhancing the products on display. The pastry product zone stands out for the Velvet refrigerated cabinets enriched with elegant matt white panels, interspersed with black superstructures and thin columns that recall sweets: details that highlight the desire to recreate a fairy-tale style environment, in harmony with the products offered. The bar à soupe also stands out, where the Velvet refrigerated cabinets insert themselves inside a corner which includes a cutting and packaging area, managed by EptaConcept, where the Clients can go to expert staff and compose their own soup, with the ingredients they choose, already washed, cleaned and cut, ready to be cooked.  

Worthy of note is also the food court area, devised to respond to the new trend of consuming meals directly inside the hypermarket. E.Leclerc has set up a dedicated area which seats 50 directly in the heart of the fresh product square, prolonging the time the Clients spend in the store, also in favour of an increase in the value of the average receipt.

The GranVista Season​​ vertical refrigerated cabinet proposed by the EptaConcept team for the fruit and vegetable department responds to E.Leclerc's request to opt for an original presentation of their first fruits. Costan has managed to win the challenge thanks to GranVista Season, which ensures a scenic arrangement on crescent-shaped shelves able to highlight freshness and colour. The furnishing also animates the space dedicated to floral compositions, where it ensures a unique display of the bouquets in vases.

In the departments dedicated to packaged products, Epta has offered a vast range of solutions of the GranFit Costan family including, next to the vertical GranVista, the new closed semivertical refrigerated cabinets GranValdaj for fresh products, previewed at Euroshop and the closed semivertical freezers GranSesia​ for frozen products. The refrigerated cabinets feature a linear and essential design, together with technical innovations that ensure a higher visibility of the products and increased versatility.

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