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EptaConcept for the first Dehesa El Milagro store

​A new collaboration for Epta with Dehesa El Milagro, which entrusts the Gruppo and its multi-disciplinary EptaConcept team with the completion of its first dedicated store, situated inside the Mercado de La Paz of Madrid, one of the most popular and emblematic markets of the city.

An organic farm, opened in 2011, to offer 100% natural products throughout the Iberian Peninsula and the result of a sustainable management of resources, while fully respecting the territory. Principles conveyed inside the store, of approximately 20m², through in-depth work on the enhancement of product quality, thanks also to the Design and Architecture Firm of Marta de la Rica, which has contributed to defining the layout and furnishings.

The project was entrusted to EptaConcept because of the ability of the Epta Team to guarantee a turnkey product with solutions that stand out for design, maximum reliability and sustainability.

A one off cabinet fully glazed on all four sides has been produced to highlight, already from the outside, the first fruit and vegetables and highest quality meat. Carefully designed down to the finest details in terms of layout and technical design, it ensures both visibility and performance in a critical position like that of the storefront, which is subject to high temperature variations. Further features of this solution are the tiltable shelves with LED lighting that further enhance the product freshness, and the front decorated with azulejos with subjects of rural inspiration hand-painted by the disabled children of the Foundation “A la Par".

The vertical chilled GranVista Next, in the Season set-up, completes the installation. It is proposed in the Advance version for premium presentation of fruit and vegetables, placed on special crescent-shaped shelves.

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