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Epta signs the second Life-C4R project with Conad

Epta and Nordiconad together for the second project in Italy of Life-C4R, promoted by Epta and co-financed by the European Union under grant agreement LIFE 17 CCM/IT/000120. A few months from the opening and the inauguration of the first pilot plant in the Conad Centro Nord store of Carpenedolo, Epta and the Cooperative announce the renewal in Bologna of a 13,800-m² store.  

Alessandro Luppi, Director of Conad store of Bologna comments: “With this collaboration, Conad confirms its confidence in Epta Group and in the Life-C4R programme and underlines its commitment to the environment. The initiative fits perfectly into the policy of Corporate Social Responsibility promoted by Conad, which has been committed at length to promoting a forward-looking relationship between development and ecology and a more conscious way of doing business. Among the actions undertaken by the Cooperative are, for example, the interventions aimed at improving the efficiency of stores and awareness campaigns to spread a culture of sustainable living and responsible consumption." In all newly built stores, for example, Conad installs photovoltaic systems that guarantee a reduction in consumption of 70,000 kW/hr a year and closed vertical cabinets, for an energy saving of 40% compared to open models. Furthermore, in every store there are systems capable of recovering energy coming from the refrigeration system and turning it into domestic hot water, to make the supermarket totally independent.

The project carried out with Epta at the store of Bologna will evaluate the performance of the FTE Full Transcritical Efficiency and of other innovations installed inside the hypermarket, in a climate zone with high summer temperatures. According to the first projections, compared to one developed with HFC, the plant of Bologna will ensure a saving of 35,868 kWhr/year, equal to an energy consumed by 38,857 washing machine cycles a year and to the emissions of 1650 small cars.

Finally, the installation is completed by Costan cabinets, which include the traditional Velvet Design for the presentation of fresh products in the gastronomy and butcher department, the Sushi Daily corner for those who love Oriental flavours and the Misa coldrooms to ensure perfect conservation during storage of the products.

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