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IDEA chooses the Epta Group once again to equip the IDEA Organic store in Belgrade: a 136m²-convenience store dedicated entirely to organic products and healthy eating.


IDEA Organic comes from the desire to satisfy the needs of an increasingly attentive and informed customer, by offering a vast selection of natural, dietary, gluten-free and macrobiotic products. The Costan and Eurocryor solutions reflect the Retailer's green philosophy through furnishings with a reduced environmental impact and a welcoming layout, where the atmosphere recalls the natural world.


The chilled vertical Tango Bio cabinets by Costan proposed for the display of fresh packaged products, such as dairy products, cured meats and snacks, stand out. Characterised by wood-effect external and internal furnishings for a perfect integration with the concept of the store, they guarantee a high energy saving due to propane R290 as natural refrigerant. Worthy of note are also the chilled vertical Opera Green cabinets by Costan, designed with special attention to eco-sustainability, and suited to the best preservation of loose vegetables and fourth range products.


The installation is completed by the offer of plant-based beverages, snacks and take-away dishes, enhanced inside the chilled semivertical Soul B cabinet by Eurocryor. The elevated transparency and front in light-coloured wood contribute to maximum display coherence.

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