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With Epta International, sustainability and design for the Auchan hypermarket of Savoya Park

A new collaboration focused on design and respect for the environment for Auchan and Epta International. The hypermarket chain has entrusted itself to the professionalism of the Epta team and to the quality of the systems and solutions branded Costan and Eurocryor to restyle the 12,000 m² hypermarket of Savoya Park, in Budapest.


The key challenge won by the Group was to complete the renovation of the shop when it was open. For this turnkey project, Epta proposed and installed a transcritcal CO2 system and 126 remote chilled cabinets. Guarantee of the best energy saving is the choice of the Eco2Large pack with FTE Full Transcritical Efficiency. A patented technology, which merges simplicity and performance, guaranteeing an energy saving of 10% (compared to a traditional CO2 system) and lower installation and maintenance costs by up to 20%.


Furthermore, the Client particularly appreciated the perfect mix between aesthetics and reduction in energy offered by the closed chilled Costan cabinets. The solutions of the GranFit range stand out, ideal for furnishing the entire self-service fresh and frozen product area with a single family of products with coordinated lines. To balance the space and ensure the best presentation of each category of products inside the most suitable solutions and enhance it, Epta International created aisles with the GranVista Next vertical chilled cabinets for fresh products which face onto the Aeria Next semivertical cabinets and aisles with the GranBering vertical chilled cabinets for frozen products opposite the GranSesia semivertical chilled cabinets.


To make the layout even more dynamic, inside the fresh product area there is a large island, comprising Eurocryor Summer B​ traditional chilled cabinets to display cured meats and fresh meat. The centre of the frozen product area features the Costan Tortuga and Crocodile horizontal chilled cabinets.

Finally, the 24h remote monitoring service offered monitors all Epta solution parameters. It ensures predictive diagnostics and quick interventions for maximum reliability and minimum energy consumption.



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