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Epta International renews the shopping experience at Mercator of Kranj in Slovenia

​The collaboration between the hypermarket Mercator and Epta International has consolidated itself. The latter was chosen yet again by the Retailer for the full restyling of its Primskovo store in Kranj. Mercator stands out for its innovative spirit and the desire to make itself a leader in the evolution of the Retail sector in Slovenia, focusing attention on consumers and sustainability. The same values are shared by Epta International, which, together with local partner Arfa Service, proposed furnishings able to merge elegance and respect for the environment.


Thanks to the solutions branded Costan and Eurocryor, Epta International has helped define an even more immersive shopping experience, based on original communication languages and modern aesthetics. The novelties introduced, feature a new corner dedicated to the presentation of cured meats and cheeses, enhanced by the Costan Velvet chilled cabinet with Design aesthetic and finish in wood of the Finishing Collection, that evoke a traditional atmosphere. Furthermore, due to its versatility, Velvet has proved the ideal choice, even in the butchery area, where it features fronts made of marble, a noble material, which enhance the quality of the vast assortment of local and national products.


To complete the presentation of the serve-over offer, focus was also placed on the self-service display. Epta International suggested the semivertical Twin cabinets by Eurocryor to create important cross-selling opportunities and the versatile all-glass Costan Stage​ promotional islands in back-to-back configuration, flanked by the Costan GranFit Family solutions. The semivertical GranSibari chilled cabinets chosen for the meats and preparations and the GranVista Next​ Open vertical cabinets for fresh pre-packaged products, firstlings and fourth range, allow the best aesthetic coherence, also with the serve-over area. The perfect integration between the models of the GranFit family and the furnishings of the Outfit range by Costan such as Velvet, ensured by the Finishing Collection finishes, is designed to create infinite compositions, with a coordinated look & feel.


Finally, the store efficiency is empowered by the Epta pack with FTE, patented technology that stands out for its reduced environmental impact and simplicity. Advantages that respectively translate into an energy saving of up to 10% compared to a standard pack and 20% less installation and maintenance costs

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