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Delhaize Serbia entrusts itself once again to the Epta Group and chooses the quality and the efficiency of Costan solutions to furnish the Maxi supermarket inside the new Beo Shopping Centre of Belgrade. A store with an innovative concept in line with the contemporary style of the interior, where lights, colours and materials contribute to creating a unique and original atmosphere. The supermarket, of about 2500 m², distinguishes itself with a play of contrasts between the dark shades of the setting, chosen also for the chilled cabinets, and the accent lighting on the chilled cabinets, to highlight the wide range of products.

Enhancing the articles inside a store with a modern layout, while merging aesthetics and sustainability: this is the challenge posed by the Retailer, which Epta has accomplished by proposing the chilled cabinets of the GranFit family by Costan. In the fruit and vegetable department, the GranVista Next Open vertical cabinet enhances the freshness of the firstlings and products of the fourth and fifth range. The high transparency and the full-height frameless doors of the GranVista Next Close ensure excellent visibility of the vast assortment of packaged products, such as fresh pasta, desserts and beverages. With a perfect alignment to the look & feel of the chilled vertical cabinets, the GranBering frozen cabinets complete the installation with the display of the range of frozen foods.

The chosen solutions stand out for their elegant design, enhanced by the elegant nuance of black selected for the frame. Finally, worthy of note, the led lighting and the use of CO2 as natural refrigerant, ensure a reduced environmental impact. 


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