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Commercial display refrigerators Costan and Eurocryor: the technological choice of Novacoop for fresh products

The commercial display refrigerators Costan and Eurocryor are among the protagonists of the complete renewal of the Novacoop store of Luino. Efficiency, technology, quality and enhancement of the territory are the keywords behind the project. In just three weeks the supermarket transformed into a superstore, one of the most modern structures of the Consumer Cooperative.

Transcritical CO2 for sustainable refrigeration

The renewal involved all the furnishings and the systems, with the goal of merging sustainability and functionality. The most significant operations to increase energy saving dealt with refrigeration.

Epta proposed transcritical CO2 solutions – natural gas with minimum GWP. These, together with the other interventions contribute to reducing consumption by up to 4% per annum.

The restyling also involved the layout, with a dislocation of the departments which is even more functional. In detail, Epta proposed Costan and Eurocryor solutions, to enhance the fresh and super fresh zone, one of the most attractive areas of the Novacoop stores, like that dedicated to frozen products.

The entrance is dedicated to the square of fruit and vegetables and to self-service, where the vertical refrigerated counters GranVista Next and the display refrigerators Velvet LS prevail, together with the vertical refrigerated counter GranBering and the tank Tortuga, protagonists among the frozen products.

More efficiency for the refrigerated meat and deli display cases

The serve-over departments are located along the walls. These include the deli – furnished with the display refrigerator Velvet and the semi-vertical counter Batik Costan – and the meat department.

This area features the traditional refrigerated counter Bistrot Eurocryor, equipped with Dynamic System. It is a special technology which allows to improve meat storage and maximise sales.

The choice of combining the Costan Gran Fit and Outfit ranges inside the store of Luino comes from their perfect integration. They are complete and complementary families, which boast the same decorative effects and alignment between the different models, to create infinite compositions.

Can a display refrigerator improve the performance of the activity?

Epta contributes to transforming the store into a reference point for both the community of residents and tourists of the lakeside location. The space has been designed to meet the demands of a modern consumer.

Clients are increasingly in search of “quick and well-done shopping”, of a smart experience, products of high quality and local products, enhanced inside furnishings, Costan and Eurocryor.

These solutions also merge aesthetics and design excellence, to ensure maximum freshness of foods and increase shelf life, in favour of the maximum reduction of food waste and the consequent enhancement of sustainability.


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