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Charter, franchising of the Spanish supermarket chain Consum dedicated to small towns, entrusts itself to Epta Iberia to furnish the food area of the new store of Albal, south of Valencia. The Retailer stands out for its attention to the territory and sustainability, principles shared by Gruppo Epta that proposed solutions of the GranFit family branded Costan with a high level of efficiency and ideal to enhance the quality of the products on display.


Epta Iberia also took care of the design layout, the aisles of fresh and frozen products of the store being just 299m². The goal was to guarantee the best management of the space and an exclusive design, whilst increasing energy saving. For this reason, Epta Iberia proposed only self-service chilled cabinets: the closed chilled vertical GranVista Next and the frozen GranBering in the Narrow version, with a depth of just 900 and 937 mm respectively. Further confirmation of the strong attention to the aesthetic plan and care in the details, is the choice, for the first time among the Charter stores, of Advance doors with a high level of transparency for the chilled cabinets of fresh foods and of the black finishes for the interior of the chilled cabinets of frozen products.

The Retailer particularly appreciated the clean lines of the solutions, the high visibility of the products ensured by the full glass doors, and the capacity of the cabinets, which, also because of their versatility, allowed the display of the entire food range. The dairy products, cold cuts, meat, fruit and vegetable, both loose and packaged, are presented in the GranVista arranged along the walls, for a total of 22 m of linear cabinets and the frozen products are enhanced by the GranBering cabinets, for desserts, ready-made dishes, pizzas and local specialties such as the horchata.



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