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Epta and the Greek distributor FREDDO S.A. have been chosen once again by Alfa Beta Vassilopoulos (AB) as the partner to install an FTE Full Transcritical Efficiency, totally natural CO2 transcritical system, in the store of Messene, in South Peloponnese.

A state-of-the-art solution, able to ensure high efficiency and minimum consumption: two advantages which have convinced the Retailer, always attentive to contributing to the quality of life of the local communities in which it operates and to protecting the environment through the implementation of integrated CSR programmes. The historic supermarket chain of the Ahold Delhaize Group has been, for example, the first in Greece   to obtain BREEAM certification for its green Store Stamata in Athens, thanks also to the CO2 refrigeration system supplied by Epta.

In particular, the FTE by Epta has proven ideal to satisfy the needs of AB Vassilopoulos to ensure a low environmental impact and maximum reliability of the system also in a geographical area like Messene, characterised by a climate profile with elevated maximum temperatures, more than 40°C, in summer months. The FTE, key element of the Life-C4R project – Carbon 4 Retail Refrigeration co-funded by the EU – distinguishes itself for its ability to achieve energy savings of up to 10% less than a standard booster unit and a reduction of up to 20% of the installation and maintenance costs if compared to CO2 existing solutions.

The presence of the telemonitoring system also ensures maximum continuity of operation, constant monitoring of all parameters and timely intervention by FREDDO S.A. in case of need. Multiple options are available such as, for example: the self-diagnostic functions, the possibility to signal to the refrigeration technicians the component that needs assistance and the detection of the reduction of the optimal level of refrigerant. The store is also equipped with heat recovery for tap water.

Sustainability and energy saving were also the key words behind the choice of further Costan solutions which have contributed to giving a touch of uniqueness to the store of AB Vassilopoulos. In particular, the traditional refrigerated cabinets Velvet were installed that enhance the visibility of fresh products, distinguishing them for their “green" soul thanks to the choice of low environmental impact components such as LED lighting and high efficiency fans. The installation is completed by the closed refrigerated cabinets for frozen products GranBering​ Costan with full height doors to guarantee unparalleled visibility of frozen products and high-energy savings.

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