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Walber focuses on Epta eco-friendly solutions for its biggest store

Epta and Walber have launched a successful partnership to create the biggest store of Agordino and the sixteenth signed by the brand. A supermarket of 1,500m², recently opened inside the Valle Center commercial centre, in the province of Belluno: a strategic position which will give a further boost to Le Campe.

Technology and respect for the environment: these are the keywords of the project, which boasts a low consumption lighting system, solar panels and CO2 refrigeration systems by Epta, with reduced impact.

Innovation goes hand in hand with a strong Client orientation, guaranteed by an even wider range and enhanced by the Costan solutions which ensure perfect visibility of the products on display through a knowledgeable game of heights. At the centre of the store, the fit-out will include the semi-vertical GranSesia for frozen products. The newest of the Granfit family, with a height of just 1.480 mm, ensures a complete view of the entire department. An ultra-modern functional solution with decisive designs that contributes to conferring a homogenous and elegant appeal to the entire self-service area of the WStore and to transmit a higher quality to the products.

Other cabinets of the GranFit range feature on the perimeter, namely the Granvista vertical, proposed in both the Open version for ready-to-eat products and the Closed version for fresh packaged goods and semi-vertical Aeria Next with sliding doors. Finally, the traditional Rossini Evolution serve-over for Cured Meat is worthy of note. It is also proposed in the special hot counter version for the presentation of tasty local culinary specialties.

The installation is completed by the Misa coldrooms, synonymous with better storage of the goods stocked. This is thanks to Epta Food Defence, the exclusive antibacterial treatment which harnesses silver ions, that prevents, combats and eliminates numerous species of bacteria, for a protection which lasts for the entire useful life of the coldroom.

Finally, the new store is fitted with an EptaService remote monitoring system, EptaService Radar, in operation 24 hours a day and able to ensure predictive diagnostics and timely action in adjusting the system parameters, to guarantee maximum energy and operating efficiency.

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