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SPAR BECOMES ECO-FRIENDLY, FTE chosen for the new installation of La Palma Island

Tomás Barreto, partner and exclusive distributor in La Palma Island (Canary Islands) of the SPAR supermarket, the world’s largest retail chain, becomes the promoter of an increasingly eco-friendly approach with the inauguration of a store in the town of El Paso focused on technology and energy saving.   

Protection of resources is a key point in the project, as witnessed by the choice of LED lighting, a car park featuring an electric car recharging pump and refrigerated solutions featuring a low GWP. SPAR entrusted itself to Epta to furnish the fresh and frozen aisles with cabinets that amaze for their reduced environmental impact and chose the FTE Full Transcritical Efficiency merged with an ECO2SMALL pack of 41 kW for MT and 9 kW for LT. It is one of the first Spanish installations with this system, part of the LifeC4R project – Carbon 4 Retail Refrigeration, financed by the European Union and counts Epta Iberia amongst its partners. A technology that owes its success to simplicity combined with high performance in any climate, even subtropical temperatures like those of the Canary Islands. FTE guarantees 10% energy saving compared to a standard booster pack and up to 20% less installation and maintenance costs, due to the ease of intervention.

The store is also characterised by the choice of high-tech solutions to strengthen interactions with a new type of consumer, increasingly more connected and, at the same time, attentive to the environment. Inside the store, interactive screens have been introduced in the food area that propose offers, recipes, advice and promotions and refrigerated cabinets which feature a contemporary style like the vertical positive temperature GranVista and the negative temperature GranBering of the GranFit Family branded Costan. These solutions, with clean lines and full height glass, contribute to improving product visibility, thanks also to special decks, dedicated, for example, to displaying pizza on shelves which allow tasty products to be positioned vertically. A presentation to the highest standards, associated with maximum reduction in consumption, thanks to the introduction of carbon dioxide as natural refrigerant with a minimum GWP (global warming potential) to further reduce the carbon footprint.

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