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A new collaboration for Epta Iberia with Ahorramas which entrusts itself once again to the company to completely redesign its store of 1500m2, located in Calle de las Alpujurras, in Pinto, in the province of Madrid.


A personalised project born form the desire of the supermarket chain of Madrid to give a touch of modernity to the store, with special attention to the Pastry/Bread department, in response to the market trends that see bread back at the centre of food consumption in the Iberian peninsula. Ahorramas turned to Epta Iberia thanks to its proven reliability and efficiency of refrigerated cabinets branded Costan and the all-round support of EptaConcept, crucial to the turn-key realisation of the area.


The initial input of Ahorramas for the Pastry/Bread department was to develop a layout with ad hoc furniture, able to enhance the visibility of the products of the bakery sector, with a completely renewed offer, both in terms of variety and quality. The result is a self-service area, with a mix of refrigerated and warm articles that satisfies the needs and responds to the tastes of a more heterogeneous target", comments Diego Ortega Trade Marketing Manager of Epta Iberia.


The multidisciplinary team EptaConcept has participated with Ahorramás in modelling a functional exhibition space through the study of a single, full-height light wood furniture solution. A winning combination between design and functionality: the tilted shelves and the LED lighting further enhance the display of the different types of articles, allowing the consumer to easily head to the products of interest. The display rhythm is broken up by the presence of the vertical Costan Valter Next for frozen products, “set" directly in the structure. A compact fridge cabinet with an excellent technical performance allows more rational management of the display space thanks to increased capacity. A further distinctive element is the Chorus plug-in cabinet: a sturdy and flexible island dedicated to special promotions, placed at the centre of the area between two semi-vertical plug-ins that create a geometric game of heights and forms with Chorus.  


Finally, GranVista Next, Beluga and Aeria Next and Season branded Costan have contributed to giving new shape to the Store Ahorramas. In particular, the GranVista Next Advance vertical refrigerated cabinets with large transparent full glass contribute to enhancing all the freshness of the product displayed. Distinctive element in these refrigerated cabinets is represented also by a special shelf designed for the vertical display of packaged pizzas.


Aeria Next, the positive temperature semi-vertical refrigerated cabinet, proposed in the Season version is characterised by a premium presentation of fruit and vegetables, displayed on special shelves in a half-moon shape. Finally, Beluga, the horizontal refrigerated cabinets for frozen products with plug-in unit stand out in the central aisles: a totally transparent solution that integrates ergonomics and efficiency, to fully satisfy the requirements of maximum practicality.

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