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Refocusing on energy efficiency and design: the Ibba Group chooses Epta for Centro Cash of Olbia

The Ibba Group, a player in Sardinia with Crai and Simply stores in the Retail sector and with Centro Cash in the Cash & Carry sector, is already a pioneer in the move to the use of CO2 natural refrigerant having installed a system in the Crai store of Riola Sardo. It now continues its commitment to sustainable development and relies on Epta as its partner to implement increasingly cutting-edge refrigeration systems to renovate Centro Cash in Olbia.

This Cash & Carry boasts the largest system with FTE (Full Transcritical Efficiency) technology for the region: a combination of simplicity and performance, which guarantees 10% energy saving compared to a standard CO2 booster pack and up to 20% lower installation and maintenance costs. Precisely in virtue of its efficiency, the FTE system - patent pending in Italy - , is part of the prestigious project Life C4R- Carbon 4 Retail Refrigeration, an initiative funded by the European Union

Respect for the environment and aesthetic value: for the food departments, Epta has proposed cabinets that set themselves apart for their ability to combine a “green" soul, thanks to the choice of LED lighting, with doors for the majority of the solutions and of natural refrigerants, with a unique and elegant design that makes them the ideal solution to furnish the Centro Cash store of Olbia, with a modern style and minimalist lines.

The solutions chosen feature the vertical GranVista Next, which amazes for visibility of the products displayed, guaranteed by the transparency of it's full height glass doors. Velvet, proposed with the Design aesthetic, with its rich options of personalisation to mix together has proven ideal for fitting out the fresh and ultra-fresh food area. Finally, the Beluga freezers, for frozen products, set themselves apart for their large panoramic surfaces.

Giorgio Annis, CEO of Centro Cash declares: “Entrusting ourselves to Epta has allowed us to go one step forward in our policy of reducing the environmental impact and of a rational use of resources: we must not forget that, on average, refrigeration accounts for about 50% of the energy consumption of Cash & Carry stores and the choice of innovative systems has made a significant contribution to reducing emissions."  He continues “It is also important to remember that the work was carried out with the store open and so a special thanks goes to the workers who gave great support during all phases of the work, to the Epta Service installers, for their professionalism and, above all, to the customers for their patience. We are certain that these three months of work will be recognised and rewarded."


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    FTE 2.0
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