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The reduction in the environmental impact, at the heart of the Consum store of Alicante: the installation, produced in association with Gruppo Epta, marks a new milestone in battling the carbon footprint undertaken by Consum, the largest cooperative in the Spanish Mediterranean area. Thanks to its reliable and effective sustainability policy, currently 100% of the Consum supermarkets are already energy efficient.

One of the key factors which have made it possible to guarantee the reduced emissions of this store, approx. 40% less than a conventional one, is the choice of innovative solutions and refrigeration systems. Epta has proven to be the ideal partner for this project, one of the first in Spain to boast the use of transcritical technology combined with FTE. Epta offered Consum the exclusive FTE Full Transcritical Efficiency, part of the Life C4R project – Carbon 4 Retail Refrigeration, an initiative financed by the European Union, under grant agreement LIFE 17 CCM/IT/000120. Simple, reliable, industrialised and suited to every climatic condition, FTE is able to exceed the traditional limits of natural CO2 refrigeration. It also guarantees 10% continuous energy saving, 24hrsx365days, (compared with a standard CO2 booster pack) and 20% lower installation and maintenance costs. The integration of refrigeration systems with the HVAC system to recover the heat emitted from the cabinets for hot water heating contribute to further increasing the reduction in consumption of the Alicante store.

The installation is completed by Costan solutions of the GranFit family, which, combining the right mix of design and efficiency, are ideal for the perfect display of products inside this 1,100m² store.

The vertical cabinets GranVista Next for fresh products and GranBering for frozen products, designed for Customers who have little time to shop, amaze for their large glass surfaces, which guarantee maximum visibility, better presentation of a high range of products and, at the same time, low consumption.

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