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A “new work of art” has been yielded by the solid partnership between Epta and Conad Sapori&Dintorni: the solutions produced by the Costan, Eurocryor and Misa brands have been chosen to furnish the exclusive location at Florence’s main Santa Maria Novella train station.

The supermarket has created a showcase for its outstanding regional Italian produce, providing a convenient service for tourists and commuters passing through the station every day. Set out across two storeys, the interiors are divided into several departments, all of which share a retro, industrial chic design.

The most interesting area is the Delicatessen and Bakery section, where the transparency of the Eurocryor, Panorama and Panorama with Tower cabinets help ensure that the traditional dishes, such as tomato pasta and Florentine tripe, are rendered even more appealing. To provide a response to an increasingly sizeable trend which sees stores also becoming venues for people to meet and have a bite to eat, this department has introduced the “Area DeguStazione”, a dine-in area for eating products on sale at the delicatessen counter at leisure.

In addition, areas dedicated to impulse buys inside the station were a must: the Costan-branded vertical Opera plug-ins, with their slender and compact design, are perfect for enhancing the range of yogurts and fruit salads in the Cremeria area, waiting to “tempt” travellers with a mouth-watering snack or a cool drink.

In order to meet the needs of workers returning from the office and in search of something appealing for dinner, Epta has installed the Costan Chorus plug-ins in the butcher’s area. These cutting-edge promotional islands feature a modern and pared-down design. They are intelligent and robust, and have been created to provide an impeccable visual display of the products available, thereby boosting sales.

The traditional Lion Cubs also stand out in the Butcher’s department, along with the vertical positive Costan Gazelle cabinets and the negative Cayman cabinets in the self-service packaged goods aisle. They highlight the extensive selection of local produce and Verso Natura Conad products for demanding consumers, to perfection.

The installation is completed by the Misa with Epta Food Defence refrigerated cells featuring a new anti-bacterial system guarantees the highest standards for storing products, and a R134/CO2 unit with an energy-recuperation system, for a more sustainable store which is increasingly self-reliant in energy terms.

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