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2,500 m² totally renovated, in the interest of the Customer and the region: this is the project of collaboration between Conad and Epta to restyle the store of Spoltore, in the province of Pescara. Epta has contributed to furnishing the food area, to define a shopping path able to respond to the new needs of consumers, who are increasingly in search of practicality and local specialties of controlled origin and quality.


The installation applies itself within the scope of the development plan of Conad Adriatico in the Abruzzo region, which aims at growth by increasing its commitment to ensure a complete, convenient and functional offer with raised standards. Maximum attention has been placed on the central position of fresh products, presented inside the departments within a coordinated setting, thanks to the choice of cabinets from the Costan GranFit and Outfit family. The integration between the different models is ensured by their perfect alignment and by the finishes of the Finishing Collection, which ensure a striking decorative effect. This unique surface treatment is available, for example, in the materials of Bardolino chosen by Conad for the front surfaces of the Velvet ​and Silk SV.


The serve-over area positioned along the walls is characterised by Costan Velvet refrigerated cabinets of the Outfit family with the Design aesthetic, available in Velvet Ultra for the butchery and Hot Table for the gastronomy area. These models, designed according to functional design principles, present a perfect balance between the elements of the structure, notably a display deck at the right height, together with glazing provides vast product clarity improving interaction with the consumer.


To ensure a highly coherent layout, for the self-service sections Epta proposed islands consisting of the Costan Silk SV refrigerated cabinet of the Outfit line. Synonymous with versatility, Silk SV offers a large number of product options, from meat to fish, also boasting a greater load capacity. This area also features the EurocryorTwin Midi semi-vertical for cured meats and cheese and the Costan Stage plug-in. This passe-partout solution is completely transparent and designed to enhance products with higher profitability as well as promotions. Moreover, in the Double variety, it increases cross- merchandising of complementary products, displayed on the roof of the cabinet, such as pickles and sauces to accompany cured meats, further encouraging impulse purchases.


The installation is completed by the GranVista Closed vertical chilled cabinets for fresh products and GranBering for frozen products of the GranFit Costan family, an ideal choice of cabinets for consumers who favour quick shopping and are oriented towards pre-packaged branded products. 


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