The latest installations by Costan

The latest installations by Costan



Epta Argentina has confirmed its position as leader in the region through the largest fit-out in the whole of Latin America for the new commercial offering from Coto, in the Moreno department, Buenos Aires. It is in one of the largest shopping centres of the whole chain, with a total area of 27,000 m², in which the hypermarket occupies a sales area of 13,000 m².

Epta managed the entire project, for this eco-friendly fit-out, from the choice of the Costan cabinets, to the cold rooms, through to the installation of the plants. As confirmation of Epta’s and Coto’s commitment to the protection of the environment and the creation of eco-friendly stores, two plants were provided – medium and low temperature plants that use the refrigerant Glycol, guaranteeing a reduction of atmospheric emissions. To ensure the best operational conditions for these systems, a group was installed for the pumping and cooling of the refrigerant.

The fit-out is comprised of 124 Costan cabinets including Giant GV, vertical cabinets for ice-cream and frozen food with excellent energy performance levels and Lion Eco with doors for displaying fresh foods.

The store was also provided with Serval, a semi-vertical cabinet with a distinctive design that ensures the full visibility of products on display, and Sipario, a plug-in with double glass swing doors and new LED lighting, to promote a superior level of energy efficiency and lighting for the products on display. A special version of Sipario that displays wines was also installed. The fit-out was completed with cold rooms comprising of more than 4200 m² of panels and 23 doors to guarantee a better preservation of goods.