The latest installations by Costan

The latest installations by Costan



Strengthening the environment-store-customer relationship: this is the goal behind the restyling of Unicoop in Bagno a Ripoli, an outstanding store just outside the Chianti Fiorentino area.  

The protection of natural resources is a key point of the Unicoop renovation project, and the store relied upon Epta to provide the closed cabinets for its fresh produce and frozen aisles, and chose an innovative EPTA CO2 refrigeration system (positive and negative temperature), which employs carbon dioxide as a natural refrigerant with a very low GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 1, in order to further reduce the carbon footprint.  

The company’s focus on local sourcing is reflected in the wide selection of local and organic products, which are the mainstay of the sections equipped with the Epta Costan and Eurocryor equipment. Specifically, in order to best display the typical products of the Tuscan culinary tradition, we installed Rev UP Family Costan Rossini Design assisted service display cabinets in the Deli Meat & Cheese and Delicatessen areas: with their special configuration of panoramic end walls and straight glass they maximize the visibility of items, and at the same time give customers a close-up view of the products. In addition, the Butcher section features Eurocryor Bistrot, whose exclusive Dynamic System technology guarantees optimal preservation of the products. The products can remain in the counter for several days, without having to be returned to cold rooms for the night, and will preserve their organoleptic and aesthetic characteristics perfectly.

The traditional Rossini Design Costan and Bistrot Eurocryor serve-over counters also play an essential role in winning the loyalty of customers, who can taste artisanal specialties and receive valuable advice from qualified staff.

In the Fish section, located next to the Butcher section, Gemini by Eurocryor takes centre stage, a semi-vertical cabinet that impresses for the special arrangement of its shelves, which are less deep at the top in order to enable customers to reach the products easily and to always ensure the best possible display of the items.

Finally, in the frozen section, the Costan Chorus closed plug-in cabinets provide an impeccable visual display of frozen products. These new-generation display cabinets, compact and robust, with a modern, sleek design, are intelligent solutions designed to stimulate impulse buying.