The latest installations by Costan

The latest installations by Costan



Bennet has opened a sales outlet in Vaprio d’Adda and chose Costan, a historic partner of the chain, to furnish its Piazza dei Freschi, a strategically important fresh foods area located just inside the store’s entrance. Bennet entrusted Costan with its fresh, very fresh and frozen foods departments, requesting solutions able to reflect the supermarket’s revolutionary new concept and layout.

The installed Costan systems impress shoppers with their elegance and ergonomics, contributing by enhancing the unique aisles, which are configured like a high-end market and a meeting and interaction venue where customers are offered a vast selection of specialities. The broad offering ranges from ready to eat hot dishes, supported by the Keplero Tavola Calda hot case, to regional charcuterie and packaged deli products, presented respectively in Rossini Design serve-overs and GranVista chilled vertical cabinets of the RevUP Family. Another element that makes the fresh foods area unique is the choice of fine materials, like the marble used for the Keplero work surfaces and the light-coloured wood of the Rossini Design counters, built to a special design for Bennet.

The installation is completed by ElephantUP freezers, a point of excellence of the RevUP Family that ensures optimal display of frozen foods and, finally, the new positive and negative temperature Chorus plug-ins, ideal for specially promoted products.

Aesthetics and technology blend to provide better visibility and environmental friendliness. The Vaprio d’Adda sales outlet features an energy saving of around 50% over traditional installations. Important results achieved also thanks to the choice of sustainable refrigerated units that use a transcritical CO2 refrigeration system with a global warming impact of close to zero.