The latest installations by Costan

The latest installations by Costan



Conad confirms its confidence in the Costan brand for the realization of the cold area in Parma’s new Sapori & Dintorni sales outlet, measuring around 1000 m2: a charming location inside the premises of the former covered market, ideal for enhancing its range of high-quality typical regional products in one of Italy’s most noted areas for culinary tradition.

Maximum flexibility and zero environmental impact: the EPTABlue Waterloop system used in the store was chosen because it is perfect for installation in sales outlets where the available space is limited. Connected to all the refrigeration units, EPTABlue transforms freezers and display cabinets from remote-cooled to plug-in by exploiting a closed water circuit. The result is extreme efficiency and a green spirit for this installation which uses water as refrigerant, thereby slashing emissions.

Not just sustainability but also innovation and elegance: the essence of every food department finds full expression with Costan’s solutions. The Rossini Ultra serve-over makes the clientele’s shopping experience a unique one, giving prominence to meats through the use of flat rather than curved glass, which brings the product closer to the customer. Gazelle, a chilled cabinet specially designed for the sale of fresh foods, stands out for its double-glazed swing doors and LED lighting, resulting in extremely high energy savings and an impeccable presentation of the displayed items.
Finally, the frozen foods department is enriched by the ElephantUP vertical freezer of the RevUP Family, which enhances the visibility of the individual products while at the same time eliminating any purchase barrier.