Refrigeration Systems planned for Individual Needs

Impianti di refrigerazione progettati sulle singole necessità

From Costan's extensive experience, a team was born that focuses on the study of the ideal solution for each refrigeration system. Starting with the analysis of individual needs and environmental conditions, Costan designs, plans, develops and installs refrigeration systems optimised to minimise energy consumption while ensuring excellent performance.

In particular, the Epta group worldwide specialises in the design and installation of refrigeration systems running on CO2, increasingly expanding its expertise through the many subcritical and transcritical systems already established. In line with the group's search for advancement and with its increasingly ambitious goals, Costan keeps devising and offering solutions that may suit every type of sales point: the growing restrictions on the use of synthetic refrigerant have truly favoured the use of carbon dioxide as the most advantageous natural refrigerant.