More sustainable refrigeration in Europe thanks to FTE, part of the LIFE C4R project

More than 140 installations worldwide and prestigious international awards, like the German Refrigeration Award, the RAC Cooling Award and the Sustainable Development award: these are the successes already achieved by FTE Full Transcritical Efficiency. A revolutionary technology and available on a large scale, the result of a new approach to natural refrigeration, which merges simplicity, reliability, functionality, energy saving and better performance, in any climate condition.

Analysis of the results recorded in South America, Europe and Australia, is guarantee of the excellence of the system and confirms a 10% energy saving (compared to a standard CO2 booster plant) and up to 20% lower installation and maintenance costs.

To confirm its validity further, FTE has been inserted into the prestigious LIFE C4RCarbon 4 Retail Refrigeration project. This is an initiative financed by the European Union with the goal of defining new standards and technologies for natural refrigeration in the Retail sector and contemplated in the European LIFE17 programme, intended to encourage protection of the environment and of the climate, through the promotion of more than 35 projects.

Previewed at Chillventa 2018, the LIFE C4R project is a 3-year long initiative (2018-2021) which aims at developing a management protocol in the technical, marketing and communications sector. The strategic plan includes two projects in Italy, four in Romania, Spain and possibly in Nordic countries, to verify the performance in different climatic conditions and conduct a comprehensive analysis of the lifecycle of the systems. A great opportunity for Epta, which thanks to LIFE C4R can certify the FTE technology as a standard industrial solution throughout the European Union.


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