A change of look in the frozen foods area, with GranSesia Costan

A revolution is afoot in the frozen foods department with GranSesiaCostan, the negative temperature semi-vertical cabinet that enables the creation of original islands, for a new take on the frozen foods area. It is an ultra-modern, functional solution with bold lines, that represents the ideal complement to the GRANFIT range, which was created to fit-out fresh and frozen foods areas with a unique family of products that has a coordinated design.

The special configuration of GranSesia, with straight glass doors and a height of just 1.480 mm, was designed to offer consumers an original point of view to experience areas dedicated to frozen products. Glass Doors  increase the appeal of the items  inside, and highlight those presented in other cabinets in the area. The cabinetexpresses apreciselook & feel ensuring a surprising visibility for goods and a resulting improved stock rotation. GranSesia’s “secret ingredients” are its  frameless glass doors,  panoramic ends and the exclusive internal accessories for positioning packages so that they are easily recognisable and accessible.

A concentration of style, innovation and functionality: GranSesia will also amaze for its compactdesign, that allows the best possible of use of all available space, combining a greater storage capacity and even higher standards of comfort for consumers in selecting items and for staff in the restocking phase, compared to traditional trays for frozen foods.