The latest installations by Costan

The latest installations by Costan



Through its brand Costan, Epta was chosen to fit-out the 10th Conad Superstore in the province of Trapani, which was recently opened in Alcamo (TP) S.S. 113 km 327. The store now has an area of 2,000 m2 following an extension of the existing Conad store. In line with the format established by the Bologna based chain for the refurbishment of its network of stores in 2016, the store takes a new approach which rewards the loyalty of its Customers and supports the local economy.

“People beyond things”: these are the key words underlying Conad’s project to continue to improve the service it offers and establish itself as a point of reference for the everyday shopping requirements of the local community. It is a supermarket in the typical “Conad style”, characterised by a specialisation in fresh foods and a vast assortment of more than 10,000 products, featuring an ample choice of locally sourced products, in order to strengthen the connection with the local area. Specifically, there is a special focus on the served departments - Delicatessen, Cured Meats & Cheeses, Butcher and Bakery, that feature the traditional cabinet Rossini Design with special straight glass, enabling Customers to get as close as possible to the product and interact with the experienced sales staff. Aside from emphasising the contemporary and minimalist style of the Costan branded solution, this choice increases the appeal of the products on display and improves the quality of the interaction with staff who are always on hand to provide useful advice and reveal “trade secrets”. It is also worth noting the self service section with the Granvista chilled vertical cabinets and Beluga linear cabinets for frozen foods that are dedicated to Consumers who prefer a faster shopping experience. These two cabinets are characterised by a full glass design featuring extensive panoramic glass surfaces that emphasise the product and highlight its freshness.

Finally, the restyling also involved steps for reducing the environmental impact of the Alcamo Conad store by lowering energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, thanks, for example, to the use of a photovoltaic system and the improvement of the building’s thermal insulation. In response to Conad’s requirement to protect its resources, Costan used the latest generation closed cabinets like Granvista and Beluga for the self-service area, which reduce dispersion of cold air in the aisles while also improving the shelf-life of products. To complete the fit-out, Epta provided the medium-high capacity EptaGloo refrigerating system which uses an inverter to further improve energy saving.