The latest installations by Costan

The latest installations by Costan



The Costan brand has been involved in the re-styling of the renowned Milanese fascia “Peck”, the excellent delicatessen store situated in the beating heart of the city, 150 m from the Duomo.

Peck was founded in 1883 and for more than a century has been the true gold standard for people in search of unparalleled quality. It began as a small family-run store offering food delicacies, but has constantly succeeded in evolving to remain up to date, by combining the sale of gourmet items with a catering, restaurant and, recently even a bistro business. In this regard, the refurbishment of the premises has profoundly renewed the appearance of the store, through the addition of the Piccolo Peck bar area and the renovation of the display area for its delicacies.

In order to ensure the highest level of integration between Peck’s two facets, Costan liaised with the technicians and fit-out specialists chosen by the Customer and designed the best solution for  displaying  the finest seasonal fruit and vegetables. Lion Cub is the display solution that was selected: with personalised finishes  designed with a front and end in light coloured wood, the honey tones of the cabinet repeat the colours characterising the new Piccolo Peck café. These simple and natural materials contribute to reinterpreting the tradition and representing, in a contemporary fashion, the artisanal atmosphere of the long-standing shop opened by Francesco Peck. Aesthetic sophistication is a starting point for Costan, with the brand able to skilfully combine cutting-edge technologies, to guarantee the best preservation of products and an appealing presentation. The most delicate items are normally positioned in the Lion Cub cabinets within wooden crates illuminated by LED lights arranged above the shelves, while above the cabinets the extensive offer is completed with wicker baskets full of fruit, vegetables and spices.

 Costan also provided a bespoke piece of furniture in stainless steel for the preservation of fresh pasta, with static evaporators and 18 extractable trays. An additional feature of the solution, that the Customer was particularly pleased with, is the glass door with a triple layer of glass that helps to ensure the utmost freshness for the pasta and enables the stock to be monitored without having to open the cabinet.