The latest installations by Costan

The latest installations by Costan



Alcampo and Epta Iberia have combined in a partneship to deliver Alcampo City, an all-new format which the renowned Spanish chain has inaugurated with its Alicante store: a 4,000 m2 hypermarket with a lower surface in comparison with other Alcampos, but where food is the undisputed star.

Epta Iberia worked with Alcampo to create this new store using personalised Costan solutions. The refrigerated equipment fits in perfectly with the welcoming environment, achieving the goal set by the client through careful planning combining attention to ergonomics and function with in-depth analysis of colour and dimension.

Epta Iberia conducted a thorough analysis to enable it to offer an all-round solution and meet the needs conveyed by the Principal. These included offering a wide range of fresh and frozen produce, and showcasing local specialities such as fruit and vegetables, cheese, meat and seafood from Villajoyosa and Santa Pola.

The frozen foods department received special attention, with the new ElephantUP from the RevUP Family an important feature: this vertical total glass cabinet includes the highest visibility and special LED lighting which reduces shadows and creates visual continuity, eliminating any barrier to purchases. The fresh food area sees a vast section dedicated to assisted sales: another masterpiece of the RevUP Family, the traditional Rossini Design and Rossini Design Tavola Calda cabinets for warm food are over 24 metres in length, and have been dedicated to preserving and displaying ready meals, deli meats and cheeses.

Style, technology and respect for the local area all come together at Alcampo City: the Costan solutions installed use a cascade system combining CO2 and R513A. With its GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 631 it provides a considerable reduction in environmental impact.