The latest installations by Costan

The latest installations by Costan



The Iperal Group, a historic large-scale retailing brand based in Valtellina, Italy, entrusted Costan with furnishing its 5000 m2 sales outlet in Piantedo, located in the Fuentes shopping centre. The chain chose Costan because it wanted unique furnishings for its fresh and frozen foods departments, which have always constituted the heart of Iperal supermarkets.

Maximum functionality and impeccable display of products are guaranteed by the Lion, Rossini and Cayman solutions, which help to communicate the Iperal food department’s new image. The Lion chilled vertical cabinets present the store’s vast assortment of packaged products and its organic foods selection, designed for a clientele increasingly interested in well-being and local products. The “Fatto da noi” line is the champion of the Rotisserie & Gastronomy area with the special Rossini Tavola Calda hot food display case. Featuring a ventilated, humidified showcase, it ensures perfect preservation of the delicacies prepared daily by Iperal’s chefs. In addition, excellent visual display of frozen foods is ensured by Cayman, which in a single solution combines both vertical and horizontal display layouts, improving the accessibility of products for those who have little time to devote to cooking.

Finaly, the Iperal in Piantedo focuses on cross-selling with Lion Cub and Verdi. These cases, designed by Costan to incentivize impulse purchases, excel by making it possible to combine the presentation of fresh foods like meats, cheeses and yoghurts with dry items, placed on top of the display, like table wines, honey and cereals.