The latest installations by Costan

The latest installations by Costan



Conad Sapori & Dintorni has once again placed its trust in Costan technology to furnish its Naples store, opened on 9 February 2015. The store features an interesting location: it is housed in the legendary “Arlecchino” cinema, set in ultra-central Via Alabardieri. The majestic glass cupola of the cinema has been preserved, providing superior natural light and greater internal comfort.

The Supermarket to taste and savour” has been designed to showcase outstanding Italian Farm&Food produce, enhanced by Tradeo positive temperature wall cabinets for deli meats, and by traditional Rossini Design units. The latter are used in the form of RDB versions for cheese and deli counter meals, and LS for the fine meat cuts from the Butcher’s section. The Lion HF295 positive vertical cabinet, on the other hand, displays packaged fresh produce, yogurts and the ready-prepared salads range.

The impeccable visual display of the products combines with perfect preservation: the traditional Rossini Design case is in fact made of Technokleen, an innovative material which allows for the highest level of hygiene, ensuring the products on display are both fresh and wholesome.

Maximum visibility and excellent product display are also features of the frozen food cabinets, thanks to the vertical ElephantUP cabinets from the Rev UP Family, equipped with LED lighting and all-glass doors onto which an anti-condensation film has been applied. In addition, these doors have an even lower UG transmittance index than in the past, totalling 0.6 W/m2K, thereby improving thermal insulation.

Thanks to their winning combination of style and technological innovation, Costan solutions once again represent the best choice for a Brand which has made attention to quality its most distinctive trait.