The latest installations by Costan

The latest installations by Costan


Costan and Conad “Together for the environment” in the new Bagnolo Mella Superstore

Costan and Conad combine once again, to deliver the fresh food department for the new Bagnolo Mella Superstore, in the Province of Brescia, Italy. In line with their business principles, inspired by quality and respect for the environment, Conad entrusted Costan with the furnishing of the refrigerated foods area of their department store, using eco-compatible and technologically advanced solutions.

The leading role in this installation goes to GranVista, the innovative total-glass multideck for positive temperature. The key feature of this masterpiece in the art of refrigeration, which was entirely re-engineered in terms of looks and lighting, is an astonishing design that creates the highest levels of visibility of the products displayed, with positive effects on the purchasing process of consumers. Moreover, a thorough study of its aeraulics and new double-glass doors provide energy savings of up to 62% compared to conventional open cabinets.

This project has a sustainable heart: it features two EptaClima refrigeration packs that ensure total interaction between the heat rejected by the cooling equipment and its re-use for heating purposes, for best energy conservation.
As a result, energy efficiency doubles (COP) compared to using a heat pump. The second EptaClima pack meets the extra demand for cooling during the summer and – by reversing the refrigeration cycle  – provides the power needed for climate control in the store.

Lastly, the package is completed by a servicing contract including maintenance and remote surveillance. Epta remote surveillance is at work 24/7, providing superior service continuity and a further reduction in energy consumption.