The latest installations by Costan

The latest installations by Costan



Due to its expertise and the quality of its solutions, Costan- an Epta Group brand – has been chosen by one of the leading large-scale retailers in Germany to furnish the refrigerated area of its new e-centre in Berlin covering a total of approximately 2450 m2.

The retail outlet, located in a new building in Blankenburger Straße, features a special corner dedicated to traditional flavours and tastes. It was furnished with Lion CUB semi-vertical cabinets finished with custom wood panels and will be used for displaying packaged deli meats and cheese. The butcher area, on the other hand, was fitted with the closed version of the Lion CUB cabinet, with convenient sliding doors for impeccable preservation of self service meat products.

The warmth of wood is also the key merchandising element in the assisted-service area, characterised by the traditional Rossini serve-over counters showcasing a rich assortment of cheese, fresh and smoked fish and regional deli meats from  Germany's best gastronomic tradition.

A neat, functional display is the identifying feature of the packaged fresh food and dairy products, housed in vertical Gazelle cabinets. The slim, elegant design of Gazelle’s door profiles along with uniform lighting allows for immediate product identification, speeding up the buying process. Another feature is the self-closing mechanism, which prevents unnecessary dispersion of cold air in the aisle ensuring maximum energy efficiency.

Excellent visibility and ergonomics characterise the negative-temperature Tortuga 2 chests, which play the key role in the Frozen Food area. The distinguishing element of this solution is the push cover with convenient vertical opening, which makes handling easier for customers and staff. Finally, effective interaction with consumers is also guaranteed by Aeria open semi-vertical cabinets used mainly for displaying drinks, fruit juice, ready-to-eat packaged fruit and vegetables but also for housing special wood containers with a wide variety of products for loose sale such as gherkins.