The latest installations by Costan

The latest installations by Costan


The most advanced installation in South America bears Costan signature

Costan has contributed to the completion of La Anónima Caleta Olivia eco-store (Santa Cruz, Argentina), the first South American supermarket with transcritical CO2 refrigeration. Costan, as the store's partner, recommended low environmental impact solutions to meet the supermarket chain's sustainability policy for resource conservation and consumer protection.

Eco2Small CO2 equipment was installed in this situation, a medium and low temperature direct refrigeration pack. One of the main features of this solution is a high level of flexibility, whereby the retailer can create his/her own system choosing from a vast array of options and accessories. Moreover, the properties of R744 gas (CO2) ensure numerous advantages in terms of carbon footprint reduction and plant efficiency. Other advantages are those contributed by carbon dioxide, a natural fluid with a GWP equal to 1, i.e. the lowest value among the refrigerants available on the market.

The installation is completed by serve-over counters and multidecks with doors by Costan, which provide a dramatic reduction in the emissions as well as in the direct and indirect energy consumption of the refrigeration system: the technology used makes it possible to save over 25% of the total electric power required by a conventional store, with a reduction in the amount of CO2 released to the atmosphere of 3186 tons in 10 years, which equals minus 668 vehicles on the roads.