The latest installations by Costan

The latest installations by Costan



Palermo - Last March 26th the Calogero Butcher's shop of Tukori was opened: this particular setting uses Costan's Rossini display counters featuring the Epta Anti-bacterial Treatment, the revolutionary silver-ion treatment for serve-over counters that improves the quality and hygiene of the products displayed: a treatment that forestalls, fights and removes over 650 species of bacteria, including the most notorious and dangerous ones. Wells so treated are built by blending materials with ions, whilst internal surfaces are coated with ion-paint: ion-enriched cool air thus performs an anti-bacterial action while brushing the foods. the combination of these two treatments reduces the bacterial load in products and improves the quality of the air that brushes the food. 

The effectiveness of this treatment was tested by Associazione Veneto Agricoltura and Epta labs to Japanese industrial standard JIS Z 2801-2000 “Antimicrobial products – Test for antimicrobial activity and efficacy”. 

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